Day 1- July 10th (Monday)
Mt. Bachelor to Prospect, OR 139 miles

Day 2- July 11th (Tuesday)
Prospect to Gasquet, CA 138 miles

Day 3- July 12th (Wednesday)
Gasquet to Eureka 100 miles

Day 4- July 13th (Thursday)
Eureka to Leggett 97 miles

Day 5- July 14th (Friday)
Leggett to Sea Ranch 101 miles

Day 6- July 15th (Saturday)
Sea Ranch to Sausalito 110 miles

Day 7- July 16th (Sunday)
Rest Day in Sausalito

Day 8- July 17th (Monday)
Sausalito to Watsonville 115 miles

Day 9- July 18th (Tuesday)
Watsonville to Lake Nacimiento 131 miles

Day 10- July 19th (Wednesday)
Lake Nacimiento to Lompoc 108 miles

Day 11- July 20th (Thursday)
Lompoc to Ventura 81 miles

Day 12- July 21st (Friday)
Ventura to Santa Monica Pier (LA Beach) 60 miles